Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Off

Today was a day off work for me. I worked quite hard here at home and then off to the pool with the boys for an hour. That was so fun. My kids swim well, so I just turned on the iPod and lay back to sleep in the sun for a few. It was great.

One thing of note...Our house was shown today to a return couple. They saw it Monday and wanted to come back today. Please, Pleae pray that they just feel as though they can not live without that house. We really need them to take it off our hands.

Later..Blessings to you my friends.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Kidz Adventure 2008

Bible Bowl Questions

Boys Craft time. (They made airplanes)





Wow, have we ever had fun this week. I took Daniel and 3 other girls Chiann, Rachel and Heidi, from our church to Kidz Adventure 2008. It was a kids camp held on our own Beulah Grove Camp Grounds. There were 55 kids there and we had great fun! This camp is put on by Appalachia Youth Ministries. This ministry is headed by Bro. Mac (McCrary) and his son Bro. Ray McCrary. They do a wonderful job. It was a camp for kids 7 - 11 years old. What brave souls to take on kids of that age!
I was asked to be one of the camp medical personnel so I was there in that capacity. Another girl from our church, Yvonne Miller, a mom of one of the other kids that went, was there with us also. We also enjoyed being with some of our friends from Franklin.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fallen But Not Forgotten

Some of you may know that our church gave one of our own to pay the price for our freedom. Spc. Kyle P. Norris was killed in action in Iraq on May 23, 2008. He and his family have attended our church for many years.

Our church, along with the Norris Family has been through a long 2 weeks from the time the news came until we were able to have closure! This was quite an experience for our family. The US Army did a great job of honoring Kyle.

I took some pictures. I wish I knew how to put up an album like some of you do, but I don't at this time.

The Flag drapped coffin

One very hot boy. This was our first day of really feeling like summer!

Salutes from every discipline! The Bikers for Jesus, Sheriff, Zanesville Police, Army, Navy...

The Bike Parade

Our tax dollars at work! The Sheriff had to jump the Army van because they could not get it going, while we all waited in the scorching hot sun! They never did get the van to go and had to move it out of the line so the procession could go.

Some of us just love the uniform! Go Army!

There were other good looking men there too!! My own of course! Caleb helped with parking detail.