Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Pics

Today we needed to find a Buckeye tree. Why? Because it ist the Ohio State Tree and Caleb needed to add to his Ohio State Study. So while we were out at the Arbaritum today I took quite a few pics. I'll share just a few pics of the good-looking guys.

Caleb just got his new phone today, we added texting this time. It was either take the picture with the phone, or no picture!

My friend Amy and her 2 girls went along. We helped each other with pictures.

Love those eyes!

OK! I'll put the phone down a minute! The battery's almost dead anyway.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...the Buckeye Tree!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pampered Chef / Trap Shoot?

Our whole family was invited to a Pampered Chef/Trap Shoot Party. It was so much fun. The host did not stand up and show us her stuff, she put it all out on the table and gave us the recipe books and needed items and we got to play with the stuff! It was so cool!

After we cooked, ate and visited, her husband got out the trap and trap shooted and all the men got their guns. (The invitation had told us to bring them.) They shot trap until it was too dark to see.

Offer Made, Offer Accepted!!

Friday, August 8th we got an offer on our house in Middletown. We accepted the offer. If all goes smoothly we will close on that house September 15, 2008. I think that is very close to the 2 year anniversary of it being on the market. I would have to check with the first listing agent to be sure.

Goodbye House Sweet House