Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was up at 5:11 this am. Our water heater isn't very generous so, I get up a little earlier so the kids have plenty of hot water to get ready for school. I checked the computer. My faithful desktop weather informed me that is was only 6 degrees outside. Brrrrrrr.....cold. I spent some time sipping my coffee and enjoying all my friends blogs. I love the days of the internet. A quick check of local school closing revealed that my kids do not have to get up this am for school. Oh well, I don't need that much sleep anyway.

Last Friday night the boys went to the home Basketball game. I left the game and left the kids there to attend another appointment. Chris was to be at the game shortly. Daniel had his phone and called Chris a couple of times. Ya know, just checking on you dad! kinda stuff! After they arrived home his phone was NOWHERE to be found. He has never abused it, let other kids play with it, or borrow it, or anything like that! I prayed sincerely, as we have no home phone, that his phone would show up.

Last night (Wednesday) we had devotions with the kids and sent them to bed. 10 minutes later we heard a pounding down the stairs that Godzilla would have been proud of! Daniel, with phone in hand is so excited that he can hardly speak. Yes, he had dropped it and it had made it's way under his bed. (I had looked there but apparently missed it!) Thank God that He cares about our lives!