Friday, May 16, 2008

Other Noteworthy Items

I just wanted to show off my new favorite toy. I've had it for about a month. I just love it. It's my phone, PDA, and internet. Thank you Verizion! I started out with a Blackberry Pearl. That is a cute little phone, but there were some of the features that I didn't like and so I returned it for this Palm Treo. I love technology!!


I finally made connections and got my camera back from Middletown! That took some doing. Like the planets had to line up just right and the weather and all....but whew! It's here.

The new thing in our house is Caleb's Xbox 360. About a month ago he ordered one off from Ebay. We waited patiently for it to arrive. When the UPS truck showed up, he delivered an empty box. Tampered with and only bubble wrap inside. Chris and I were both at work and Caleb and Daniel were home alone. The disappointment was real and deep.

We are in the process of a dispute with all kinds of people, seller and UPS and all. We decided to let Caleb take money out of his saving account and go ahead and purchase an Xbox from Best Buy while we go through the dispute process. So now we have a very happy boy who is doing his best to get his school work done each day so he can spend time on his Xbox 360.