Monday, May 25, 2009

Isn't it weird that I have not posted anything for several months? I can't believe how behind I get.
Actually, I will confess that I like Facebook better because it's more "instant". I can just say a line and then go on about my business.
Our family had a wonderful time traveling to Franklin, OH for the dedication service of their new Family Ministries Building. What a wonderful asset to that church. They have needed that for a VERY long time.
After we had a wonderful lunch there we went to Otterbein Home to visit Chris's mom and her 93 year old husband. He was sharp as a tact the whole time we were there. Chris's mom says that is not always the case!

The kids were so kind to the people at Otterbein Home. Those older people just love to see youth come in the doors. Caleb said and old man stopped him and ask him if he ever wanted to be a pilot. Caleb said "yes" and the man told him he was a retired Marine Pilot. When they parted ways the man said "Semper Fi". That was impressive to my 14 year old's mind. God please guide him in his decision making!!!

Ross is the sweetest old man you'll ever meet! I believe he loves the Lord with all his heart. He is educated and has taught Jr. High Music for I don't know how many years! God bless Ross in these days.

Two boys love their grandma. I was really glad we went there.


Beth Stetler said...

glad you're back to posting. althoug, i like facebook better, too. :-) i really like your family photo on your blog. you look great!